Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leo is almost 3 months old!

The summer of Leo has been a fun and life-changing adventure. Here are a few pictures to chart his first three months.

He likes to sleep in his car seat, but he does not love being strapped in!

Leo was not always happy to get a bath. This bath happened after we tried to do a plaster imprint of Leo's feet and hands. Talk about a mess! Good thing the plaster was non-toxic (he got it all over his face, up his leg, everywhere!).

Leo loves to sleep....sleeps like a puppy. When you see him kicking his feet and waving his arms you know he is dreaming about something interesting! Probably milk, knowing his appetite!

When Leo was about 2 months old we took him with us camping in the Smokies. He loved his first big mountain hike, so did Will and Jessica after many months of not doing big hikes. Leo is well on his way to joining the family tradition!

Leo and Shug have been great friends. Shug seems to think she is his second mama and always wants to give Leo a bath. Leo does not seem to mind either. Our cat Parker has not been quite as welcoming; she keeps her distance from the baby.

Look at this happy baby!
Leo loves to laugh and smile and coo. He's a happy boy and that makes his mom and dad happy too!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Big Day

At 8:54 am, on Monday, the sixteenth day of June, 2008, Leonard Samuel Henry was born at East Alabama Regional Medical Center in Opelika, Alabama!!!!!

What a humbling, yet magical experience it was!!!!

Jessica and I have been focusing on this moment for the last 41 and a half weeks and were surprised at the relative calmness we felt on the way to the hospital.   We had found out a few days before that little Leo had gotten himself all turned around in the womb and would need a bit of help getting out.  We scheduled a C-section and finally saw the finish line.

We arrived in our room and the super friendly nurses and staff began the preperations.  Jessica was given an epidural and I communicated with all the friends and family who had gathered for the big event.
The operation was surprisingly quick.  Jessica was incredibly strong and brave, focusing on doing everything the doctors and nurses asked.  I was allowed to take pictures and even had help from the anesthesiologist on a few.

Leo was definitely enjoying his time in the friendly confines of Jessica's stomach.  He even gave one of the doctors a nice size poop stain on the shirt for interrupting that happiness........what a little fighter!!!!!  As soon as the cord was cut Leo was presented to his new mom and dad!!!!! After a few pictures, Leo and I were whisked away for some preliminary assessments and a meet and greet with the family then on to the nursery for a bath and a rest under the warmer. Jessica was taken to recovery and then on to the room she will be living in for the next few days.
Everyone was pleased with how healthy and large Leo is.  He weighs 9 pounds 10 ounces, and has some long fingers and toes.  He has a touch of blue in his eyes and his hair is beginning to look a bit blonde.  He sleeps more often that he cries, and he has a really firm grip!!!!  
It has been pretty much nonstop couple of days.  Jessica has recovered quickly, and is up walking a bit this morning (Tuesday).  She has already taught the little guy to enjoy food, the lactation consultant even gave her an A+ on her technique!!!!  I am getting better at changing diapers and hope to be a pro by the time we get home.
All in all I think we have done pretty well.  Leo seems happy, and I know his mom and dad are. I am going to take lots of pictures and try to post as many of the funny stories and inspiring moments that are sure to take place over the next few months, I sure hope you all will join me!!!!

Sweet sleep, with soft down
 Weave thy brows an infant crown!
   Sweet sleep, angel mild,                                       
    Hover o'er my happy child.
     -William Blake

              The road ahead looks bright...........    



Sunday, May 25, 2008

Graduation Day!!!!!!

Hello everyone!!

We recently took a birth education class to help us prepare for what lies ahead. Talk about an interesting experience. We learned a lot to be sure, but the real fun came from observing our classmates and teacher (as teachers ourselves, we couldn't help but notice all the classroom dynamics).

Our instructor, Nurse Julie, was wonderful. We described her as a Mid-Western super friendly "air-hostess from the 1960's." She was quick with a smile and a wink, and often said "mmmm 'kay". But all joking aside, she was quite knowledgeable and really calming.

Our classmates were a diverse group. First of all, there were the brown nosers. These couple had done their homework and answered every question as though they had written the What to Expect series. "Our research shows...." and "Well, I've heard...." were common words coming from these camps. Then there were the "I don't want to be here dads." These guys sat quietly beside their very sweet wives and acted tough. Will calls it the thousand mile stare. No comments from these guys. There was the older couple who were very excited to be having a child; in fact, they will apparently have a documentary film crew following them around the hospital during the birth (yes, they asked about this during the hospital visit). For the most part, the "students" were similar to Jessica and me....students who sit in the back and listen, trying to learn how to be that perfect parent. (Ok, sometimes we quietly made jokes...sue us!)

The best part of the class was how it made the upcoming birth much more "real." We had a great hospital tour and saw videos of all we can expect to endure...gruesome and not so gruesome.

We've got 2 more weeks until the due date. Leo is on the way!
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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Hello everyone!!! Thanks for dropping by.

This is where I will be posting all of the photos, videos, and stories about Leo.

I wanted to start by posting some pictures of Jessica enjoying herself on our recent trip to Asheville, NC to visit Sarah. Notice she can still fit through a fat man squeeze.

I also included a few shots of the baby shower her coworkers threw for her at Opelika Middle School.

As of today Jessica is 35 weeks pregnant. Leo is on track to join us in a month.