Thursday, September 4, 2008

Leo is almost 3 months old!

The summer of Leo has been a fun and life-changing adventure. Here are a few pictures to chart his first three months.

He likes to sleep in his car seat, but he does not love being strapped in!

Leo was not always happy to get a bath. This bath happened after we tried to do a plaster imprint of Leo's feet and hands. Talk about a mess! Good thing the plaster was non-toxic (he got it all over his face, up his leg, everywhere!).

Leo loves to sleep....sleeps like a puppy. When you see him kicking his feet and waving his arms you know he is dreaming about something interesting! Probably milk, knowing his appetite!

When Leo was about 2 months old we took him with us camping in the Smokies. He loved his first big mountain hike, so did Will and Jessica after many months of not doing big hikes. Leo is well on his way to joining the family tradition!

Leo and Shug have been great friends. Shug seems to think she is his second mama and always wants to give Leo a bath. Leo does not seem to mind either. Our cat Parker has not been quite as welcoming; she keeps her distance from the baby.

Look at this happy baby!
Leo loves to laugh and smile and coo. He's a happy boy and that makes his mom and dad happy too!


patrick said...

indeed what a happy boy and lucky one at that! Already a hiker with a Shug that will always be by his side!! What a loving family that thrills me to my toes. Mama Hen

Melissa said...

I love the pic of Leo and Shug!